TVS Motor is Reportedly Working on 2 Variants of Zeppelin Cruiser

TVS Motor is working on 2 new motorcycles based on the Zeppelin Cruiser for the Indian market. Both these bikes will be based on the 220cc concept, which was unveiled at the Auto Expo in February 2018. The production version is expected to be unveiled by the end of 2019 or at the next Auto Expo in February 2020. Yes, you read it right, the Zeppelin-based cruiser motorcycle is just a few months away from the unveiling.

It would have taken this much time for the brand to test the product thoroughly and launch it in two different designs. Both will carry the all-new 220cc single cylinder engine showcased under the Zeppelin concept. The engine segment rivals none other than Avenger 220 series while the use of premium equipment could place it closer to the price segment of the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

TVS Motor Zeppelin Cruiser
TVS Motor is Reportedly Working on 2 Variants of Zeppelin Cruiser

One version may carry a normal engine while another version can feature the hybrid setup. Another rival for these new products will come from UM in the form of new Duty 230. As all these products are conventional petrol-powered cruisers, motorcycles based on Zeppelin are expected to carry an integrated starter generator equipped engine for saving fuel while idling.

Belt drive may not be on offer at production as it will raise the cost of Zeppelin based products by a large margin. Most probably TVS will manufacture a dark themed and a chrome-laden version to cater to the needs of both types of buyers. The Zeppelin cruiser could feature options like backrest and alloy wheels for both the versions.

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TVS Zeppelin Cruiser
TVS Zeppelin 220 Prototype was Officially Unveiled at Auto Expo 2018

Electric assist option is of great use in adding more power to the engine through power use from a battery. TVS is presently the most innovation-friendly brand of India as they promise a product every year and display a mouth-watering concept at every Auto Expo.

Zeppelin 220 concept was showcased with LED lights, USD forks and many more features that could be missed for an effective segment placement. If they wish to retain all this, the price will fall around bigger Jawa motorcycles. Still, TVS Zeppelin will prove its worth as every other TVS product.

Zeppelin Cruiser Photos

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TVS Motor is Reportedly Working on 2 Variants of Zeppelin Cruiser
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