UM Lohia is Reportedly Working on 150cc Chill Scooter

UM Lohia is expected to launch a new scooter that goes by the name Chill. The brand is yet to establish itself in the motorcycle segment and UM Chill could open the doors to an all-new segment for diverse presence. The 150cc scooter will rival none other than Vespa scooters in the segment, most probably to be priced around the same price bracket (INR 70,000). The scooter is seen with a unique retro-modern design language that is further highlighted with the three-spoke chrome lines that join a thick bar running all across the body. The exhaust design is decent while tire size seems bigger than the normal 10-inch options.

The seat is seen with a hump in the middle while the rear gets a single piece grab rail on the scooter. The multiple spoke alloy wheels and chrome mirrors clear the fact that UM will use visually better components on the scooter. The single image hints that UM Chill 150 is almost ready to enter production as every part seen here looks practical for a development specific version. The long seat with a visible hump means more space for helmets and other stuff under the same. The 150cc air-cooled engine will be unique to the scooter range as UM bikes use either 223cc engine from the Duty or 279cc motor from the Renegade series.

The launch will take place around mid-2019 as no variant of the scooter has yet been seen on testing. The growth witnessed by the gearless scooter segment is huge in comparison to the motorcycle. It once went extinct with people preferring geared motorcycle over the geared scooters. The arrival of Activa took the market by storm and left other products behind by an unbeatable margin. Being a 150cc scooter, UM Chill 150 will use ABS as standard. The rear wheel is seen with a disc brake and thus, dual channel ABS is expected.

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UM Lohia is Reportedly Working on 150cc Chill Scooter
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