EICMA 2018: Meet Vespa Elettrica Scooter with 200NM Torque!

Seen as a concept from a long time, Vespa Elettrica is now ready to rock. The scooter giant has finally entered the sacred, zero-emission segment with this new model, taking forward the familiar compact scooter design from the present range. The 4kW motor fitted under the panel is good for 200 Nm of massive torque. The batteries are fitted in the lower section, allowing the Vespa to enjoy better center of gravity for superb handling. They are yet to reveal the top speed for Elettrica.

The challenge of getting a better range helped Vespa achieve 100 kilometers in one full recharge, leaving medium level commuters with more than enough power for a couple of days. Vespa Elettrica regenerates power from braking and can charge up to 100% in four hours. Fast chargers can do the same in fraction of this time for the scooter. Vespa uses the conventional design with modern headlight and a beautiful alloy wheel design.

Vespa Elettrica Photos

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