Visakhapatnam Police Arrests Over 100 Riders for Illegal Racing

Visakhapatnam saw a major crackdown on bikers by the traffic police, arresting more than a hundred riders with equal number bikes being seized by the authorities. A recent report confirms that riders are from the age group of 16-30 years, a majority of them being school and college dropouts. The full detail confirms that some have pending criminal charges against them while each one of them attracted fresh charges of stunting, racing, speeding and breaking other road regulations under the Motor Vehicle Act. The police blocked the sensitive areas with stoppers to trap bikers who were trying to escape the situation through familiar routes.

The charges included riding with loud exhausts, modification of motorcycles illegally, using designer number plates and riding without a valid driving license. Traffic Police have also assembled a database of these riders to take stricter action against them for the next attempt. Hefty fines will be charged from the offenders while youngsters and their parents will need to appear for counseling regarding the situation that can occur with negligent riding. Eagle Eye, a smartphone app to record and submit road violations, will soon be launched to help citizens report racing and other illegal actions. The reporting needs public support due to a limited number of police officers.

Illegal Racing
Visakhapatnam Police Arrests Over 100 Riders for Illegal Racing

A large number of impounded bikes were from KTM and Royal Enfield while products from Yamaha and Bajaj were also seen parked in the queue. A considerable number of scooters were also seen parked in the other row. For those who do not know much about illegal racing, the act of speeding your vehicle over the speed limit on a public road, especially when riding in a group, counts under the offense. It brings dangerous outcomes as the racers, pedestrians and rule-following citizens are all under an equal level of risk at all times on the road.

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Visakhapatnam Police Arrests Over 100 Riders for Illegal Racing
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