Meet Wipey: A Tiny Electric Helmet Wiper Made for Bikers

Wipey is one celebrated electric helmet wiper that is yet to enter the Kickstarter campaign list in May 2019. The innovative product is shown fitted on different helmet types on the official website, and believe it or not, the placement seems quite stable for the first phase.

The moving parts are well aligned and even after the movement, it stays stable and perfectly attached to the helmet. The device works with the help of an electric motor and helps the bikers stay safe in a not-so-comfortable environment with rain coming to the face.

As bikers who travel for leisure are well aware of the upcoming weather, while those on work have no chance to see what is coming next. Also, they have to do this regularly, keeping away the possibility of shifting to some other means of transport for that specific rainy day. The things are worse if you are a night rider as the light from the bulbs and other vehicles scatter once it hits the rain droplets.

Wipey, the upcoming electric helmet wiper, will help you erase the water droplets from the visor and save you from the tough conditions that arrive through slow and risky riding. The system works in such a way that a single press on the device will bring a single wipe to the visor.

However, the motor is automatically wiping all the time when the button is long-pressed and rider needs to take one hand off the handlebar to do the needful only once. The intervals can be managed through the same. The brand will also be offering a remote Bluetooth button separately to operate the Wipey from the handlebar.

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The battery life of Wipey is claimed to stay between 3-12 hours, depending on the level of charge. The device fits all the helmet types and takes just 1 second to fit or remove. Also, it weighs just 55 grams and can be used up to 130 kmph of speed. You can watch the Wipey in action in the official video here.

Wipey Electric Wiper Photos

Meet Wipey: A Tiny Electric Helmet Wiper Made for Bikers
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