2020 Yamaha R1 and R1M Superbikes Officially Unleashed

Yamaha Motor Company has unveiled the 2020 models of its superbike portfolio, the R1 and R1M. The updated superbikes have been introduced at the American WSB round in Laguna Seca in California. The 2020 Yamaha R1 has been updated with a distinguished fairing at the front that offers improved aerodynamics while the brand has also updated the electronic package for the new R1 series.

The 2020 tweaks offered to the superbikes have been one of the most significant updates ever since 2015. The newly updated Yamaha R1 can be availed in the UK markets from September 2019 in ‘Yamaha Blue’ and ‘Midnight Black’ colour options while the 2020 Yamaha R1M can be availed in a new shade with carbon fibre livery, known as ‘Silver Blu Carbon’.

2020 Yamaha R1M
2020 Yamaha R1M

Taking inspiration from the Yamaha factory MotoGP bikes ridden by Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales, the 2020 Yamaha R1 gets a new visor as well as a new fairing that has been merged with the fuel tank of the motorcycle, leading to improved aerodynamics efficiency by 5.3%. The wider seat makes way for more comfortable riding for a different range of riders.

The 2020 model of the superbike has been equipped with a new aluminium air duct besides the front fairing for stronger reinforcement. The bike now weighs less due to the use of aluminium clad fuel tank as well as wheels making it much easier to handle.

2020 Yamaha R1
2020 Yamaha R1 in Blue Shade

The slightly-tweaked LED-equipped dual headlight setup gives the superbike a beast look while the refreshed colour combinations add onto its premium profile. Powering the Yamaha R1 and R1M is the same 998cc, inline-four cylinder engine that has been tweaked to offer a maximum power of 200HP and a maximum torque of 113.3 Nm. The engine has been made Euro5 compliant and features four catalytic converters while the bike has been equipped with Bosch fuel injectors that feature a 10-hole design for a wider spray of fuel for more efficient combustion.

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2020 Yamaha R1
2020 Yamaha R1 in Black Shade

The Brake Control System (BCS) allows the riders to choose one of the two ABS modes: BC1 and BC2 as per the road and cornering conditions. The use of ride-by-wire throttle offers the rider more control over the motorcycle and better performance. The newly updated Yamaha R1 and R1M get six-axis IMU with seven electronic control units as well as a slightly redesigned TFT instrument panel. As per the reports, the superbikes are expected to be launched in India by the end of the year 2019.

2020 Yamaha R1 Console
Instrument Console of 2020 Yamaha R1 Series

2020 Yamaha R1 Key Features

  • Aerodynamic, new M1-style bodywork
  • Refined, high efficiency 998cc EU5 engine
  • Next-generation LED headlights and position lights
  • Improved front and rear suspension performance
  • New 2-mode Brake Control (BC) cornering ABS
  • New 3-mode Engine Brake Management (EBM) system
  • Ride-by-wire APSG throttle
  • Optimised Launch Control (LCS) system
  • 320mm front discs, new high friction pads
  • Latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres
  • Premium finish with outstanding build quality
  • Uprated TFT instruments with EBM and BC displays

2020 Yamaha R1M Key Features

  • New aerodynamically efficient M1-inspired bodywork
  • Premium Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS)
  • New Öhlins NPX anti-cavitation gas forks
  • New 2-mode Brake Control (BC) system
  • New 3-mode Engine Brake Management (EBM) system
  • High efficiency 998cc EU5 engine
  • New carbon tail section, carbon bodywork & mudguards
  • New Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres – 200 wide rear
  • Production number engraved on special R1M plaque
  • Lightweight ride-by-wire APSG throttle
  • Optimised Launch Control (LCS) system
  • Exclusive CCU enables wireless trackside tuning
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2020 Yamaha R1 and R1M Superbikes Officially Unleashed
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