Detailed Walkaround Video of Cherry Red Yamaha RX100

Customized Cherry Red Yamaha RX100 [Walkaround Video]: There is no denying the immense popularity of the Yamaha RX100, the motorcycle that dominated the Indian market in its era. Some appealing motorcycle modifications keep the legacy of the legendary motorcycle alive and the one offered by “Painting from CM”, a custom motorcycle modification and painting shop in Telangana is certainly one of them.

The customizer has offered the Yamaha RX100 an entirely new profile with completely restored body panels as well as the addition of certain aftermarket units that adds onto the appeal as well as the practicality.

Coming to the front fascia, the restored RX100 has been equipped with a revised headlight setup which features dual-pod LED light units integrated neatly inside the matte black housing. The custom belly pan equipped on the modified motorcycle has been adorned with a black colour scheme with a red Yamaha sticker on top and accentuates the tidy outlook of the motorcycle with its raised profile.

Walkaround Video: Custom-Made Cherry Red Yamaha RX100

The addition of chrome/black alloy wheels setup further imparts the modified motorcycle an impressive design while the overall red coloured fuel tank design with black accents and the very authentic Yamaha moniker makes it stand apart from the rest.

The toolboxes at the sides have been featured with a black colour scheme with red horizontal accents and feature the original RX100 branding. The custom single-seat saddle, capable of accommodating two riders comfortably further adds on to the viability.

Apart from imparting certain cosmetic changes, the stock motorcycle has been kept mechanically unaltered. Powering the customized Yamaha RX100 is the same 98cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine that is capable of offering maximum power of 11BHP at 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 10.4Nm @ 6500 rpm. The engine remains mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The motorcycle continues to feature a drum brake setup at either side while the top speed stands at 100kmph.

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Video Source: Painting from CM

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Detailed Walkaround Video of Cherry Red Yamaha RX100
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