EICMA 2018: New 300cc Yamaha 3CT Scooter Officially Revealed

EICMA 2018 witnessed this beautiful prototype from Yamaha, named as 3CT Concept and carrying a Niken inspired stance. However, the smaller 300cc BlueCore engine on the scooter concept places it among different league of products than the sport tourer. Yamaha 3CT Concept comes with tilt lock system, electric blue accents, Bridgestone wheels, 3D printed seat with LED lights and highly mesmerizing front end with LED lights and city-specific visor. The seat comes with an integrated backrest for the rider and grab rail for the pillion.

The concept is more like an evolution of the three-wheeled Tricity, keeping certain trusted elements as the base and coming up with a modern approach to city commute. The Yamaha 3CT Concept comes with motorcycle inspired exhaust that is intentionally made heavier to compensate for the lighter tail section. Each wheel comes with one disc brake and handlebar is made in such a way that least amount of stress goes into the rider’s body. Certain fancy elements like the light-studded seat may not make up to the production version.

Yamaha 3CT Concept Photos

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EICMA 2018: New 300cc Yamaha 3CT Scooter Officially Revealed
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