Electric Yamaha Bikes & Scooters Might Launch in India

Electric Yamaha Bikes Might Launch in India: India Yamaha Motor is conducting a feasibility study before getting ready for fully electric bikes in India. The electric products are a great way of getting over the internal combustion engines but presently, the thing gets limited to city use only.

As most buyers are daily commuters with less than a certain range of kilometers per day of use, switching from petrol to electric power can help in reduction of harmful gases from the city limits. The only problem that binds the usage is output range, limiting the same sized electric two wheeler from a conventional engine by a large margin.

Electric Yamaha Bikes
Electric Yamaha Bikes Might Launch in India

A commuter motorcycle with 50 kmpl of mileage could go as far as 600 kilometers on a single fuel tank while same sized battery powered vehicles generally reach 100-150 km only. The difference comes when we calculate the operating cost as battery powered vehicle consumes much less electricity and thus, fuel cost drops by an even bigger margin than the range difference.

Strictly city riding routine with 20-40 km per day of travel can help riders enjoy battery life of 2-4 days. The standard charging time comes between 7-9 hours, perfectly parallel to a person’s sleep time on an average.

Still, buyers can be in the need of a public fast charging station that does all the work in just 30 minutes. Supply of electricity needs to be reliable while government subsidy on first time buyers should apply to these vehicles too.

Electric Yamaha BikesElectric two wheelers are necessary but not at the stake of powerhouses burning more coal to meet the increasing demands. Yamaha India is interested in investing more in powertrains and batteries as these can be used universally, even if the model fails to impress buyers initially.

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They can even look for a partner and enter a JV for maximum benefits in terms of resources. International concept range of Yamaha has different types of electric models that look quite far away from the production design presently.

Electric Yamaha Bikes & Scooters Might Launch in India
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