Post-GST Yamaha Price List

Yamaha Motor India has passed the GST benefits to its customers and the brand has reduced the price of all motorcycles and scooters except their superbikes available in India. According to GST, the bikes and scooters which are under 350cc, will attract a tax rate of 28 percent instead of 30 percent under the old tax structure. For example, the price of Yamaha Fascino, Ray ZR, FZ25, R15, FZS, and Fazer has been slashed by a small margin.

However, according to GST, the bikes which are above 350cc will attract 3 percent additional cess in addition to 28% as per the new tax rates. This will increase the price of motorcycles which have engine displacement of 350cc and above. This means that the price of Yamaha Superbikes like R1 and MT-09 are expected to rise by a little margin.

To sum it up, GST tax on bikes under 350cc is 28 percent (reduced from 30 percent) and GST tax on bikes above 350cc is 31 percent (increased from 30 percent). The price of bikes under 350cc will be reduced by 2 percent and the bikes above 350cc will get a price hike of 1 percent. The prices we have mentioned here are ex-showroom Delhi.

Post-GST Yamaha Bikes Price List | July 1, 2017

  • FZ25 – Rs 1,19,300
  • R15 V2 – Rs 1,18,800
  • R15S – Rs 1,15,700
  • Fazer Fi – Rs 88,100
  • FZS Fi – Rs 83,000
  • FZS Matt Green – Rs 84,000
  • FZ Fi – Rs 81,000
  • SZ-RR V2 – Rs 67,800
  • SZ-RR Matt Green – Rs 68,800
  • Saluto 125 Drum – Rs 53,900
  • Saluto 125 Disc – Rs 56,300
  • Saluto Drum Matt Green – Rs 54,900
  • Saluto Disc Matt Green – Rs 57,300
  • Saluto RX – Rs 47,700
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Yamaha has reduced the price of FZ25 by around INR 1100, R15 V2 got a drop of INR 1000, and FZS Fi and Fazer Fi got a price drop of around INR 700 and INR 800 respectively.

Post-GST Yamaha Scooters Price List | July 1, 2017

  • Fascino – Rs 54,600
  • Alpha Drum – Rs 51,700
  • Alpha Disc – Rs 54,900
  • Ray Z – Rs 50,800
  • Ray ZR Drum – Rs 53,400
  • Ray ZR Disc – Rs 55,900

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