Complete List of Pros & Cons of Yamaha FZS Fi V2

Yamaha FZS V2 is available in multiple variants, starting with a single disc variant at INR 83,542. Spending INR 1,000 over this price (INR 84,542) brings single disc Darknight variant, finished in dual tone matt and gloss shade. The rear disc variant in Armada Blue costs INR 86,542 while Darknight and Matt Green can be bought for INR 87,542 (ex-showroom). If you are not that concerned about the shade options, the rear disc variant will cost you INR 3,000 over the single disc version. Here are the pros and cons for Yamaha FZS Fi V2.

Yamaha FZS Fi V2 Pros & Cons

List of Pros of FZS V2

1) Build Quality

The built quality of Yamaha FZ-S is the biggest positive factor for long term owners. The paint and parts quality speaks for itself, staying fresh will a decent amount of care from the buyer. The fit and finish feels premium while dedicated locks stay tight, even after an average rider’s complete calendar year.

2) Impressive Mileage

Yamaha FZ-S is using a 149cc engine, returning more than 40 kmpl of mileage in tough city conditions and around 50 kmpl on the highway. The topmost figure is achieved when riding between 70-80 kph while city riding includes stop-go riding and maximum use of first three or four gears.

3) Superb Handling

The suspension and frame setup of FZS is excellent, allowing the rider to make sharp turns and change directions with ease. Also, the tyre size of 140mm at the rear means exceptional grip levels, especially after riding the motorcycle for a few kilometers at average speeds. The complete package is worth praising.

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4) Refined Engine

The 149cc engine comes with blue-core technology, refining the engine for optimum city performance and keeping mileage levels up at all times. The refined engine allows the rider to enjoy around 40 kph of speed in the top gear for tight traffic conditions. The same gear can take you to 120 kph of top speed (speedometer indicated) on the highway.

5) Excellent Design

The massive fuel tank with proportional extensions, raised rear seat and sharp headlight makes a perfect combination for style-stuffed presence. The wheelbase is compact while the handlebar stays within reach for an average built rider. The combination of dual tone shade with these features look awesome.

List of Cons of Yamaha FZS V2

1) No ABS

Yamaha is yet to introduce ABS on every local production model, with FZ being the first to get the additional safety feature in the coming months. The price hike is conditional as brands are charging different prices.

2) Underpowered

The low weight is a positive feature for city use but maximum power and torque of just 13.2 PS and 12.8 Nm means weak top end performance. The bike struggles to reach 100 kph when riding with a pillion and top speed is achieved with a lot of struggle.

3) Headlight Quality

The illumination offered by the basic halogen headlight is poor in comparison to other bikes of this segment. The throw is lower than decent and one may need to switch to a more powerful bulb in order to get better night riding quality.

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4) Basic Console

The console offer basic values like odometer reading, tripmeter, speed, fuel gauge and tachometer reading. The missing digital clock, engine temperature and other reading makes it basic among other rivals. Some consoles even have 0-100 kph recorders in this price range.

Complete List of Pros & Cons of Yamaha FZS Fi V2
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