Complete Sales Report of Yamaha 2-Wheelers (July 2018)

Latest Sales Report of Yamaha 2-Wheelers: Yamaha is one of the most popular brands in India, and the fact is proven when the sales reports come out each month. Yamaha was a pioneer in the Indian performance bike industry and the RX100 is the living legend that aptly proves this point. The best selling vehicle for the month of July 2018 from the company is the Fascino scooter, followed closely by the FZ. There has been a noted growth in both these vehicles, at 19% and 3% respectively, when compared to the sales numbers in July last year.

Yamaha YZF-R3
Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha has claimed a spot in the list of top 10 best-selling scooters in July 2018, coming in at number 6 with the Fascino scooter selling 19,108 units in July 2018. However, the company did not find a place in the list that accounts for the best selling bikes of the month, primarily because the competition of the bikes in the segments have been accepted by the customers as the prime choices. The sale of the FZ and the FZ25 is impressive, at 17,146 units and 1,708 units respectively, considering the segment that they are in. These sales figures include the 150cc Fazer and 250cc Fazer respectively. The introduction of new vehicles, such as the limited edition of the R15, are expected to increase the sales further.

2018 Yamaha Fascino
2018 Yamaha Fascino

The 150cc engine of the company is the most popular in its lineup, given the increased performance that it pushes out with respect to the price. The R15 is the entry-level performance bike for the beginners, just starting out in the world of biking on the tracks. Overall, the company has shown a growth in sales of all their bikes combined, when compared to the sales in July last year, with an increase in sales by 2,926 units of scooters and bikes combined.

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Yamaha 2-Wheelers Sales Report


  1. FZ + Fazer: 17,146 units
  2. R15: 8,404 units
  3. Saluto: 4,000 units
  4. SZ: 3,100 units
  5. FZ25 + Fazer25: 1,708 units
  6. Saluto RX: 991 units
  7. R3:  54 units
  8. R1: 0 units
  9. MT-09: 0 units


  1. Fascino: 19,108 units
  2. Ray: 12,314 units
  3. Alpha: 2,272 units
Complete Sales Report of Yamaha 2-Wheelers (July 2018)
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