Yamaha is Working on VMAX Based 3-Wheeler

Yamaha VMAX Trike in the Making – Yamaha has filed patent sketches for a three-wheeled product that is based on their flagship VMAX cruiser. Yamaha VMAX is a drag specific cruiser that comes with loads of power to sprint from standstill to 100 kmph in just 2.7 seconds.

The brand already has NIKEN on their side. Yamaha NIKEN was based on street specific MT-09 and thus, a new challenge arrives for them due to the lower placed seat of VMAX. As something with higher placed foot-pegs and a high seat is easy to push into sides without scraping anything, the case for VMAX is more complicated and totally different.

The center structure used here extends arms on both sides like the double-wishbone setup and offers the rider with flexible space between both wheels for different conditions. This results in all three tyres touching the ground when cornering and brings the same feedback as a regular motorcycle.

The servo motor seen connected to this wishbone setup helps in bringing back the vehicle to its normal position after a tight corner. It can be better understood by taking power steering example as input comes from the rider only but system reduces the amount of force required to finish this job.

Yamaha VMAX Trike will feature an updated 1679cc engine as the one seen on regular VMAX was not compliant with present norms and thus, got discontinued from major markets with strict norms. The engine is good for 200 HP and 167 Nm of torque.

Styling seen in this sketch is exactly same as the model sold in India a year back. The wish of having entire leaning multi-wheeled products by Yamaha CEO seems like getting true with each coming day. They have Tricity and TMAX scooters with three-wheeled design and further, NIKEN and VMAX Trike could take over in the motorcycle segment.

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Yamaha Niken
Yamaha NIKEN
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