125cc Yamaha Nozza Grande Hybrid Scooter Officially Unveiled

Yamaha Nozza Grande, the 125cc premium hybrid scooter from the Japanese brand, is now officially available in Vietnam for VND 41.99 Million (INR 1.30 lakh approx). The special version for Nozza Grande retails for VND 43.99 Million (INR 1.35 lakh approx). The engine comes paired to a starter generator that helps in fast acceleration on the premium scooter. The torque-assist function reduces the burden on the conventional engine, resulting in low fuel usage and powerful riding experience at all times. Nozza Grande comes with a smart key system with buttons for opening the fuel filler and seat.

The scooter comes with ABS, Blue Core technology and colour TFT display along with an analogue speedometer. The engine here is smooth and quiet in terms of operations. The growth of automatic scooters in Vietnam is almost close to 50%. The 125cc, single cylinder engine on the scooter is good for 10 BHP of maximum power and 12 Nm of torque. The total savings on fuel accounts for 7%, including the efforts by Yamaha’s start/stop system. Nozza Grande is highly inspired by the design lines seen on Yamaha Fascino, lowering the chances of launch for the Indian market. However, Yamaha still misses on a product in the 125cc scooter segment in the country.

The Fascino is powered by a 113cc engine. The output is mild in comparison to the Vietnam-spec Nozza Grande. The under-seat storage on Nozza Grande is massive, all thanks to the external fuel filler and smaller fuel tank. It comes with an edgy design for the headlight while side panels are highly resembling the Fascino scooter. Indian market is still away from hybrid scooters, with brands like Aprilia and Vespa offering 150cc scooters with conventional engines. Yamaha currently offers Ray Z, Ray ZR, Fascino and Alpha range of scooters in India.

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125cc Yamaha Nozza Grande Hybrid Scooter Officially Unveiled
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