Meet Yamaha R15 Turbo with 180 kmph of Top Speed

Yamaha YZF-R15 is a miraculous machine for sure. Have you ever imagined what happens to an R15 V2 when you push a turbocharger into action? TuneBoss has already worked on it and what you see here is the Yamaha R15 Turbo with a claimed top speed of 180 kmph on the dynamometer.

The Thailand-based custom performance house has used a turbocharger on the R15 V2’s puny 150cc engine, giving young riders an exact idea of how fiercely the technology works in the real-world riding conditions.

Yamaha R15 Turbo Video

The intake has been placed on the lower left side of the Yamaha R15, right next to the engine. The instant rise in acceleration is purely visible after a certain range as in the beginning it feels more like a stock model of the R15 V2 but the mid-range quickly achieves speed with almost 20 kmph every second.

The top-end then again takes some load and the bike struggles to reach the claimed top speed. Still, it takes only 10 seconds for this typical modified Yamaha R15 Turbo to reach 180 kmph from standstill on a dynamometer.

The turbocharged model is capable enough to generate a maximum power figure of around 23HP. The stock model of the R15 V2 is good for 17HP and the modified model gets 6HP extra with the turbocharger.

Yamaha R15 Turbo
Yamaha R15 Turbo with 180 kmph Top Speed by TuneBoss, Thailand

The race-spec exhaust system further helps the sportbike to achieve such an amazing top speed. The custom-made R15 Turbo is finished in the bright orange shade and is equipped with a custom tank pad, rear seat cowl, and a tyre hugger.

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In terms of the design, the front fascia is also different from the stock model of the YZF-R15 Version 2.0, carrying projector headlights and bigger headlight cowl. Yamaha recently discontinued the R15S and the R15 V2 in the Indian market. At present, the entry-level sportbike is available in only variant namely R15 V3 with an ex-showroom price tag of INR 1.45 lakh.

Yamaha R15 Turbo Photos

Yamaha R15 Turbo

Yamaha R15 Turbo

Yamaha R15 Turbo

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Meet Yamaha R15 Turbo with 180 kmph of Top Speed
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