Mahindra Launches Official Yezdi Motorcycles Website

The word ‘Yezdi’ will take many fans back into those years when motorcycling used to be a different thing. A motorcycle was symbol of exclusivity to many while most others saw it as a luxury over scooters and other two wheeled products.

The operational three decade long (1960s to 1990s) tenure of the brand made it special among all regular brands of the time. In Fact, it was small capacity motorcycles that changed the way motorcycle industry was present in India in those years. Mahindra recently launched the official Yezdi website for India, listing all the motorcycles that once ruled the Indian streets.

The initial plan of Mahindra Group stays the same. They will launch Yezdi branded motorcycles in India but time frame for this seems to fall in 2019. Till then, they have shared an important part of history through innovate sketches of these 6 models that were the best options of their respective era.

Yezdi Roadking was powered by a 246.3 cc, single cylinder two stroke engine producing 16 BHP and 23.8 Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to a 4-speed gearbox. Yezdi Classic even had a similar sized engine with 13 BHP and 20.6 Nm on tap. The bikes were lightweight and quick in terms of acceleration.

Yezdi CL2 was an upgrade to the design language of Classic as both used the same engine and weighed almost the same. Yezdi Deluxe had a different design but returns the same performance values as CL2. All of these were not that good at mileage but their presence was the ultimate expression of pride for their owners.

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The designs were highly praised with various models carrying even 16 inch wheels as standard. Yezdi Monarch was another legend with 18-inch wheels and a modern overall design for that time. The last one on the list was Yezdi 175, weighing just 113 kg and still producing 14.3 Nm of torque.

Yezdi 175 Deluxe

Yezdi 250 CL II

Yezdi 250 Classic

Yezdi 250 Deluxe

Yezdi Monarch

Yezdi Roadking

You can visit this page to take a look at the Yezdi Motorcycles which were on-sale in India till 1990.

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