The Wait is Over! Yezdi Motorcycles Are Coming – 2 Days to GO!

The return of the Yezdi has been announced, and the company has also released its first official glimpse. As we reported earlier, the all-new Yezdi motorcycles will be launched in India on January 13, 2022. Yezdi is classified among classic bikes, and now Classic Legends is all set to relaunch the popular brand in the Indian markets. But this time it will not be part of the Jawa brand, and the company will sell it independently. Here is the latest teaser video of the upcoming Yezdi motorcycles.

Speculations were rife that Jawa, BSA, and Yezdi would return after Mahindra & Mahindra invested in Classic Legends. Last year, Classic Legends registered a trademark called Yezdi Roadking, which almost decided its return, and now the company has sealed the news by releasing the official teaser videos.

Jawa has already launched its retro-themed motorcycle in the market, and now Yezdi is also all set to enter the cruiser and adventure motorcycle segment. The new motorcycles will also be introduced in a retro theme and as per the details available, a total of three bikes are expected to be launched in India after two days. The 2022 Yezdi motorcycles have been spotted several times during testing – one of them is an adventure motorcycle, the second one is a retro scrambler, and the third motorcycle is expected to be a roadster.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, also confirmed the news via Twitter, where he said the legend is about to return. While Jawa has reported that Yezdi is independent and has also opened its account on social media, the trademarked name shows that the company’s first motorcycle in the country will be the Yezdi Roadking, which was sold in the market under the same name in the past. As far as launch and pricing are concerned, the bikes are likely to enter the market with an ex-showroom price range of Rs 1.75 lakhs to Rs 2.10 lakhs.

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