3D Printed Electric Car LSEV to Launch in 2019 for CNY 60,000 (INR 6.20 lakh)

3D Printed Electric Car LSEV is Coming! 3D printing was earlier limited to certain types of products but now, almost anything in the world is considered printable and perfect for use afterwards. One great example is world’s first 3D printed car by China based Polymaker and their Italian partner X Electrical Vehicles.

They have built a car named LSEV through 3D printing and uses just few external components like frame, tyres and window glass. Waste management is highly influenced by manufacturing methods and thus, one can expect that it has saved a lot of wastage when compared to a conventional built car through everyday methods.

Xiaofan Luo has planned to advice other manufacturer regarding benefits of 3D printing once his product comes live in 2019. If everything goes as planned, they will launch the car as early as 2019. 3D printing has helped them reduce the number of parts from 2000 to 57.

LSEV, the first ever 3D printed car, can achieve a maximum speed of 69 kmph while overall range is 149 km. The car weighs 450 kgs and that equals to just half of what Smart Fortwo weighs internationally. LSEV will be on display soon at Beijing Motor Show.

Polymaker is expected to price LSEV over CNY 60,000 (INR 6.20 lakh approx). Single 3D printed production line will offer up to 500 units in annual production. The brand thinks they will make more 3D printed cars after LSEV.

Internationally, well established brands have started using 3D printing as their way of producing important components. Bugatti offers 3D printed, lighter brake calipers for Chiron. They are more effective and save almost 2 kg from car’s overall weight.

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Coming back to LSEV, it looks like a compact two seat hatch, which not just saves materials during production but can also help in reduction of traffic congestion in major cities.

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3D Printed Electric Car LSEV to Launch in 2019 for CNY 60,000 (INR 6.20 lakh)
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