5 Reasons to Switch to Mahindra e2o Electric Car

Mahindra is years ahead of all others when it comes to electric cars in India. Try thinking one brand name that sells an electric car in our country and this search ends here. A practical city hatchback that embeds unique character in itself, Mahindra e2O Plus is present generation’s smartest option to commute from one place to another through personal mode of transport.

Unlike most cars that focus on visual beauty and cost cutting, Mahindra has made the e2O in such a way that nothing gets over the health of passengers and pedestrians on the same time. Here are five solid reasons why you should buy the amazing Mahindra e2O Plus.

1) Impressive Torque: While most people saw the figure as a low spec number in front of same sized petrol hatchbacks, enthusiast know where the torque should arrive in real world driving conditions. Producing 91 Nm at 2000 rpm, Mahindra e2O Plus is definitely way more powerful than a regular hatchback. Not just that, the power is linear and would not bring that jerky feel through the direct drive gear system.

Mahindra e2O Plus is equipped with hill hold control for the ease of its driver. The car will never roll back on a slope, nor will it make driving uphill a difficult task. All you need is just a simple push of the accelerator and it will effortlessly move over the surface. Ease of an automatic with loads of power under a single tap is hard to find in a hatchback of its class.

2) Electric Capabilities: Smart cars are the future of India as petrol and diesel cannot fulfill the energy hungry economy’s need for a long time. Mahindra e2O Plus comes in two different outputs with 110 km and 140 km of driving range. The added revive function offers 5 km and 10 km of emergency range in case of low battery.

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Regenerative braking helps the car gain useful energy during harsh traffic conditions. A regular charger make take 6-9 hours (depending on variant) for a complete cycle while fast charger can help e2O gain 95 percent of energy in just 90 minutes. That makes it good for another 140 km after a short break.

3) Spacious Interiors: Packed in a limited space, Mahindra e2O Plus is a typical four seater with abundance of headroom and shoulder room for all passengers. The interior quality is impressive and legroom remains good within both rows.

Mahindra is using a dual tone interior and every bit inside the car helps passengers get familiar with technology of the future. The instrument console is fully digital while exclusive silver finish on selected components like AC vents and knobs makes the interior feel more alive for the passengers.

4) Lowest Running Cost: Mahindra e2O offers the lowest running cost of just 70 paise/km. The battery operated city hatchback would never let you fail when keeping things under a certain budget. If you drive 50 kilometers everyday, you can safely assume that one charge will last two days and that too with just INR 35 worth of energy for one day. A same sized petrol hatchback would cost INR 250 for the same ride. Not just that, more number of e2O electric cars in the city could help Mahindra bring the free charging stations for faster charging.

5) Intelligent Smartphone Integration: Spending money on a future product will fetch some unique features for sure. You can connect your smartphone to the car and see the magic happen even when away from the car. It can help you set your desired temperature from your phone and pre-cool the car when parked in sun from a long time.

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One can unlock the car, get details for the battery health and even see the nearest charging station from the same app. Mahindra e2O automatically detects problem within the system from 10 on-board computers and diagnose the same automatically for a safe journey.

The current estimates from the Government of India claims every new car on sale from 2030 to be electric powered. Why wait for one full decade when we can bring the future closer through this highly applauded initiative by Mahindra.

In fact, all top brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda should enter the segment and replace their mild hybrid cars with all electric options for better environment. Mahindra e2O starts at INR 7.57 Lakh for the base P4 variant and goes up to INR 11.27 Lakh for the top spec P8 variant.

5 Reasons to Switch to Mahindra e2o Electric Car
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