ADAS Feature Emerging As An Essential Need for Future Cars

Taking into consideration the importance of human lives, Tata decided to launch a taxi with advanced technology, presented as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). ADAS plays an important role in preventing car accidents and reducing their serious impacts. Elxsi used a suite of sensors that included cameras, radars (using radio waves), and lidars (using lasers) installed in the car, helping the driver in several situations, such as maintaining the lane and avoiding collisions with other riders.

Counted among the luxury cars, Tesla is using ADAS. But due to high prices, it is not in everyone’s reach. Elxsi decided to install ADAS technology in every vehicle, as it is becoming a necessity these days. With the Indian government’s intended efforts, ESC and AEB will become mandatory shortly. The safety and security superintendent, GNCAP, will require the cars to be fitted with ESC and AEB shortly.

ADAS is nothing more than artificial intelligence, and it will never be able to outperform human intelligence. The roads and traffic systems in India are traditional and not suitable for ASAB to work with. But that obstacle has started to fade away and India is now evolving and almost ready to welcome this technology. In an interview, Shaju S, general manager and head of Tata Elxsi’s transportation business unit, stated that ADAS will be a significant deal in the next 4-5 years.

Tata designed a RoboTaxi, an indigenously developed solution accelerator for autonomous driving, based on the company’s deep expertise in developing ADAS and Active Safety systems. Their extensive ADAS knowledge arises from their experience on a variety of production initiatives, including Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS), Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), and Deep Learning Algorithms for perception and navigation systems. The issues related to hardware have already been resolved.

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