600 HP Aston Martin DB11 Unleashed @ 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The James Bond claim-to-fame Aston Martin DB line-up unveiled a new member at the Geneva Motor Show – The DB 11, which as stated by Aston Martin CEO is “not only the most important car that Aston Martin has launched in recent history, but also in its 103-year existence”.

00 (11)DB11, the first Aston Martin from the company’s “Second Century” expansion plan is powered by a bi-turbo 5.2-liter V12 engine punching out 600 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 700 newton meters from onwards of 1500 rpm.

The engine rig is paired to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission featuring a mechanical limited-slip differential with active torque vectoring. The car can zoom from zero to go in 3.9 seconds and attain a  maximum speed of 322 kph. 

The new DB’s design is very unusual and different from what we are used to seeing from Aston. The car gets unusual offset roof strakes, mammoth side vents, and prominent taillights.

The company says that this car is “heralding a new design era for Aston Martin”, and does seem to be true when you look at the DB11. Dimensionally, the DB11 is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor, the DB9 and the wheelbase is 2.56 inches longer. The car tips the scales at 1770 kg (dry). The DB11 also gets wider 20″ tires.

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The interiors of the car are very spacious and equipped with the latest widgets, making in the first Aston Martin car with complete modern electronics. The car gets a 12-inch LCD instrument cluster coupled with an 8-inch infotainment screen. It also features a rotary control mechanism with an optional touch-pad available as well. The car starts a base price of $211,995, with deliveries commencing from Q4 2016.

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