2018 Audi A8 Sedan Officially Unveiled

2018 Audi A8 was recently unveiled internationally. The sales for most markets will start from October 2017 while India will get the car around late 2018. Audi has updated the car to match the newly stated standards of BMW 7-series and Mercedes S-Class.

Audi A8 shares the underpinnings with other MLB platform based cars, keeping the overall weight and structural rigidity under check at all times. A variant with hybrid drive-train and road sensing active suspension would also be on offer this time.

The exterior design is highly inspired from Audi Prologue concept car with redesigned grill, all-new taillights and improved body dynamics. The car measures 5172 mm in length, 1945 mm in width and 1473 mm in height.

2018 Audi A8 even gets a LWB version with 5302 mm of length and added 130 mm wheelbase. Audi uses aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and magnesium in its construction. Audi has employed a Traffic Jam Pilot System to the new car. The system uses 41 individual driver assisting options for the same.

The system works till 50 kmph and automatically starts, drives brakes and manages the movement in heavy traffic. It operates on divided roads and uses laser scanner, ultrasonic sensor and cameras for the purpose.

Audi will bring two V6 engines in 2017 while 2018 will witness a bigger V8 engine on the car. The 3.0 L, V6 petrol motor is good for 340 HP | 500 NM while the same displacement diesel engine is good for 285 HP | 600 NM. The 4.0L, V8 diesel engine is good for 435 HP on the new Audi A8.

Apart from these regular engines, the 6.0 L, W12 petrol motor is now good for 585 HP | 800 NM. This is the biggest engine on offer and comes out as a redesigned version of older 6.3 L engine.

Audi S8, the sport specific version, will use 549 HP, 4.0 L TFSi engine while L E-Tron will use the smaller 3.0L petrol motor with an electric motor. This will make the setup good for 449 HP. The road sense system on the A8 scans the road surface 18 times per second and returns the best ever traveling experience.

2018 Audi A8 Sedan Officially Unveiled
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