Complete Price List of Audi Cars & SUVs Available in India

Audi Cars Price List in India: Audi is a dominant name in the list of the luxury brands in the world. It is a part of the German Trio that is all set to capture the luxury car market in the world. Audi makes luxury saloons, performance vehicles, estate cars, compact SUVs, and full-fledged luxury SUVs. The cars by Audi are available in diesel and petrol options, giving further choice to the customers. Cabriolet versions of the A3 and the A5 also present themselves in the lineup for the customers who want an open-top option in their vehicle.

Latest Audi Cars Price List

Audi A3

  • A3 Premium Plus (Diesel): INR 34.91 Lakh
  • A3 Technology (Diesel): INR 36.69 Lakh
  • A3 Premium Plus (Petrol): INR 33.10 Lakh
  • A3 Technology (Petrol): INR 35.10 Lakh
  • A3 Cabriolet (Petrol): INR 50.35 Lakh

Audi A4

  • A4 Premium Plus (Petrol): INR 41.47 Lakh
  • A4 Technology (Petrol): INR 45.05 Lakh
  • A4 Premium Plus (Diesel): INR 43.37 Lakh
  • A4 Technology (Diesel): INR 46.94 Lakh

Audi A5

  • A5 Cabriolet (Diesel): INR 69.24 Lakh
  • A5 Sportback (Diesel): INR 55.40 Lakh
  • S5 (Petrol): INR 72.41 Lakh

Audi A6

  • A6 Technology (Diesel): INR 56.69 Lakh
  • A6 Technology (Petrol): INR 55.88 Lakh

Audi Q3

  • Q3 Premium (Diesel): INR 36.53 Lakh
  • Q3 Premium (Petrol): INR 34.73 Lakh
  • Q3 Quattro Premium Plus (Diesel): INR 39.68 Lakh
  • Q3 Quattro Technology (Diesel): INR 42.88 Lakh

Audi Q5

  • Q5 Premium Plus (Diesel): INR 55.27 Lakh
  • Q5 Technology (Diesel): INR 59.79 Lakh
  • Q5 Quattro Premium Plus (Petrol): INR 55.27 Lakh
  • Q5 Quattro Technology (Petrol): INR 59.79 Lakh
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Audi Q7

  • Q7 Quattto Premium Plus (Petrol): INR 73.73 Lakh
  • Q7 Quattto Technology (Petrol): INR 81.00 Lakh
  • Q7 Quattro Premium Plus (Diesel): INR 77.90 Lakh
  • Q7 Quattro Technology (Diesel): INR 85.18 Lakh

Audi RS5

  • RS5 Coupe (Petrol): INR 1.10 Crore

Audi RS6

  • RS6 Avant Performance (Petrol): INR 1.65 Crore

Audi RS7

  • RS7 Quattro (Petrol): INR 1.57 Crore
  • RS7 Quattro Performance (Petrol): INR 1.71 Crore

Audi R8

  • R8 V10 Plus (Petrol): INR 2.72 Crore

All the prices mentioned here are ex-showroom Delhi. The Audi A8 has not been included in the list since the current generation has been discontinued by the company and a new model is going to be launched soon. Stay tuned for further updates.