Auto Industry Slowdown: Major Car Brands Register Sales Drop in India

Major Car Brands Register Sales Drop in India: The downfall in the Indian car industry is clear when looking at the top-selling brands with a keen eye. Maruti Suzuki, the brand that used to hover around 1.50 lakh units on an average, has posted just 1,11,014 units in the month of June 2019.

The drop is massive when compared to the same month last year. The drop of 17.2% means they have got a really low number last month. Hyundai posted 42,007 units last month and registered a sales drop of 7%, that cannot be missed as it comes to around 3,300 units for the brand in the 30-day period.

Mahindra was the only brand to post positive sales in the entire industry, putting 17,762 units on the sales chart and taking over the place from Tata Motors. The 4th spot by Tata had just 13,351 units and that counts a huge drop of 27% in comparison to the sales figure registered by the brand in the same month last year.

Toyota got just 10,603 units while Honda lost its position with 10,314 units. The drop registered by Honda was massive at 41%. Renault India posted 5,400 units in the same month while Ford followed close with 5,333 units in June 2019. Volkswagen seems to be struggling a lot to maintain the position with just 2,463 units.

Nissan group was good for just 1,533 units, all thanks to the Datsun range of cars while Skoda was good for 987 units in June 2019. Fiat and its brands were good for 843 units, with Jeep registering a 46% drop in sales in comparison to the sales number posted last year.

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Sales Report (June 2019)

  1. Maruti: 1,11,014 units
  2. Hyundai: 42,007 units
  3. Mahindra: 17,762 units
  4. Tata: 13,351 units
  5. Toyota: 10,603 units
  6. Honda: 10,314 units
  7. Renault: 5,400 units
  8. Ford: 5,333 units
  9. Volkswagen: 2,463 units
  10. Nissan+Datsun: 1,533 units
  11. Skoda: 987 units
  12. Jeep+Fiat: 843 units

YoY Sales Drop (June 2019)

  • Maruti: 17.2%
  • Hyundai: 7%
  • Tata: 27%
  • Toyota: 19%
  • Honda: 41%
  • Renault: 19%
  • Ford: 37%
  • Volkswagen: 16%
  • Nissan+Datsun: 56.3%
  • Skoda: 29%
  • Jeep+Fiat: 44.5%

Mahindra was the only brand in June 2019 to register a growth of 8% in comparison to June 2018.


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Auto Industry Slowdown: Major Car Brands Register Sales Drop in India
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