Quadricycle Vehicle Category Approved by Indian Government

The Indian Government have given the nod for the Quadricycle, a new small vehicle category to officially run on the Indian roads. Quadricycles are small four-wheeled personal vehicles which have been passed through a variety of emission tests and other tests under the guidance of Automotive Research Association of India – ARAI plus the Indian Government.

The green signal given to the Quadricycles is finally allowing the Bajaj Autos to launch Qute, their very own ultra-low cost micro car in the Indian market after so many legal delays. The Quadricycle Qute is powered by 216cc rear-mounted single cylinder engine which is mated to a four-speed manual transmission.

Quadricycle Vehicle
Quadricycle Vehicle Category Approved by Indian Government

Bajaj Autos were officially rooting for the launch of the Quadricycle category in India like they have in other countries like Europe that focuses entirely on compact four-wheelers which are much safe and environment friendly.

As of now, there is no confirmation regarding the GST rates applicable with this category of vehicles while the notifications regarding the vehicles its weight, emission and safety features have already been dropped by the Government.

In order to guarantee passenger safety, the Quadricycle will have to go through several crash tests considering its kerb weight is only 475 kg. The Government has allowed the vehicle to be launched in two other electric and hybrid categories alongside the conventional fuel one. Bajaj Qute will also have to go through a series of highly strict emission tests for petrol, diesel and alternative fuels in order to check its worthiness over the road.

Quadricycle Vehicle
Bajaj all-set to launch the Qute car in India

“The final standards for the category have been issued. Any company that manufactures quadricycle can sell it in India. We have ensured that the safety standards for quadricycle are more stringent than the European standards,” is the Government statement we have officially gathered as of now.

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