Supreme Court Imposes Ban on Sale of BS4 Cars in India from April 2020

Supreme court recently passed a verdict regarding the sales extension of BS4 cars in India, clearing that car-makers will have to empty their stocks before April 2020 as no further extension will be given at any cost. The basis of this statement was the ever-rising pollution level in the cities as switching to BS6 will reduce the overall emissions by a great margin. The first day of FY20-21 will mark India’s entry into the cleanest emission bracket, with manufacturers like Mercedes Benz already bringing diesel engines that are compliant with the norms. BS4 cars emit as much as 5 times more sulfur content than the upcoming BS6 compliant cars.

The strict decision means manufacturers will have to plan their production numbers in accordance with the upcoming norms. As most brands have just 1-month worth inventory with them, it would not be tough for them to switch to the new norms in the early days of 2020. The brands with more inventory staying in their production facilities will need to worry about the decision, leaving the production of BS4 cars much earlier than others. The challenge is not only for the car manufacturing companies as fuel brands will also need to speed up the process of refining.

BMW X1 is also a BS6 compliant car, urging other manufacturers to pick up some pace and bring more refined products for the Indian market. No mass market brand has made any official statement regarding the change, with environment loving fans expecting their favorite brands to switch to the new fuel as fast as possible. BS4 cars with BS6 fuel and vice-versa are effective at all, clearing the fact that present generation cars with BS6 compliant engines will not reduce pollution single-handedly. The brands with slow sales will definitely bring offers to clear stocks in end 2019.

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