BMW’s Vision Next 100 Concept Car from the Future

BMW has hit the 100 year mark, and to celebrate this undertaking, they have unveiled the “future of premium mobility” – The Vision Next 100. The car comes with two modes – Boost and Ease. The boost mode lets the driver do the driving, while the car’s artificial intelligence efficiently assists him, bettering the driving experience. Under the ease mode, the AI of the car does the driving. The entire interior of the car transforms to provide a personalized riding experience.

The car has a brilliantly programmed augmented reality windscreen display, with a capability to project hidden objects directly into your field of view. BMW has used the example of cyclist obscured behind a truck. The augmented display will project the image of the cyclist on your screen by making the truck appear translucent.

On the outset, the hyper-car does bear resemblance to the iconic BMW design. Yep, it does get the trademark kidney grills and the short overhangs. The copper-colored Vision Next 100 is manufactured from recycled/renewable materials and hosts a plenty of carbon fiber. The BMW Vision Next 100 is a fantasy car, so don’t expect it to be parked at your local showrooms next to the standard 3 series saloon anytime soon.