Bolt Nano Electric Car Unveiled for $9,999 (INR 7.02 Lakh)

Bolt Nano, the all-electric two-seat city car, is the best bet from the Olympian sprinter Usain Bolt in his next venture as an entrepreneur. The compact vehicle is available with a removable battery that can last up to 24 kilometres, serving as the perfect partner for those who love renting vehicles for their one day city tours and even shopping freaks who wish to carry a decent number of bags from one place to the other within a city. Usain Bolt is backing the firm and even the concept of using compact electric vehicles with batteries that are easily swappable and can be charged at blazing-fast speeds.

Bolt e-Scooter
Usain Bolt with e-Scooter

Bolt Mobility has already launched electric mini-scooters that offer a range of up to 3.21 kilometres. For those who are imagining a full-sized two-wheeler here, the Bolt e-scooters are like the scooters used by kids that they swing with one leg and then keep both the feet on the board to roll freely.

The ride-sharing concept behind the Bolt Nano electric car makes it good for everyday use by hundreds of persons. The staff managing the setup will just need to swap the batteries by checking the current status and leave the same for the next person to use. The easy method can help users stay stress-free in terms of car ownership commitment.

Bolt Nano Electric Car
Bolt Nano Electric Car Unveiled for $9,999 (INR 7.02 Lakh)

Bolt Nano is up for pre-orders and the price starts from $9,999 (INR 7.02 lakh). Bolt scooters are already operational in various European cities and Paris is the Usain Bolt’s latest destination to improve the footsteps of the company. The brand ‘Bolt Mobility’ was founded in the United States in 2018 with the purpose of filling the gap in micro-mobility. The use of electric power as its base helped the brand gain momentum among environment-friendly users.

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Bolt Nano Electric Car Unveiled for $9,999 (INR 7.02 Lakh)
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