Brand-Wise Car Sales Report (14 Car Brands, February 2019)

The brand-wise car sales report for February 2019 brings a clear image of the current situation prevailing in the industry. The most selling car brand is undoubtedly Maruti Suzuki, registering 1,36,912 units in the 28 day period. The number is smaller than the regular values but can be understood with 3 less operational days in comparison to January 2019.

New Maruti Suzuki Ertiga MPV
New Maruti Suzuki Ertiga MPV

Hyundai registered 43,110 units while Mahindra comes next with 24,520 units. The difference between Tata Motors and Mahindra has widened with the introduction of XUV300 and Alturas G4. The fourth largest brand by monthly sales volume was Tata Motors with 18,110 units. Honda was the fifth largest brand with 13,527 units while Toyota seems flat with a less-than-usual sales figure of 11,760 units.

Ford India stayed lower than their average number with just 6669 units while Renault was good for 6241 units. Both the brands are struggling to bring more buyers to their exciting and value for money products in comparison to the top-selling brands.

Jeep Compass Premium SUV
Jeep Compass Premium SUV

Volkswagen posted 2617 units while Datsun was good for 1985 units. Jeep India has established itself as a visible entity with 1304 units in February 2019 while Skoda stayed slightly behind with 1267 units. They have some of the highest quality products among all others in the industry. Nissan posted 774 units while Fiat was good for 47 units in the 28-day period. Here is a complete list with brands sorted with the highest one first.

Brand-Wise Car Sales Report

Sales Figures (February 2019)

  1. Maruti: 1,36,912 units
  2. Hyundai: 43,110 units
  3. Mahindra: 24,520 units
  4. Tata Motors: 18,110 units
  5. Honda: 13,527 units
  6. Toyota: 11,760 units
  7. Ford: 6,669 units
  8. Renault: 6,241 units
  9. Volkswagen: 2,617 units
  10. Datsun: 1,985 units
  11. Jeep: 1,304 units
  12. Skoda: 1,267 units
  13. Nissan: 774 units
  14. Fiat: 47 units
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Brand-Wise Car Sales Report (14 Car Brands, February 2019)
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