Latest Brand-Wise Car Sales Report (March 2019)

Latest Brand-Wise Car Sales Report: Car sales for March 2019 were much different from the numbers expected by everyone for the end of the last fiscal. The most selling brand was Maruti Suzuki, posting 1,45,031 units and registering 1.5% of negative growth with the authorities. The fall was even insane for Hyundai, getting 44,350 units for the month with 8% drop from the number seen in March 2018. Mahindra scored the third position with 25,982 units and got a 5% jump from the older number.

On the other hand, Tata Motors posted 17,810 units and faced a 12% drop in comparison to their sales last year. Honda got the fifth position with 17,202 units while the gain in numbers was pretty impressive at 27%. The credit goes to Civic for March 2019 as 2291 units of the D-segment sedan were sold in the first month of its introduction.

New Honda Civic
New Honda Civic

Toyota posted 12,818 units in March 2019 while its growth numbers were marginal at 2%. Ford ranked seventh on the list with 8271 units while Renault was good for 7127 units. Both the brands posted a drop in sales in the 31-day period. Volkswagen came next with 2751 units while Datsun was good for 1925 units during the same period. Jeep posted 1441 units while Skoda followed next with a small gap at 1401 units. Nissan and Fiat were the two least selling brands with 977 and 80 units respectively.

New Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
New Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

The numbers are much lower than the expected units from most brands, resulting in a small reshuffling of market share between the brands. Maruti Suzuki has 50.5% market share for India, clearing that every second car sold in the country is a Maruti for sure. Hyundai claims more than 15 units out of every 100 units sold while a significant number is found for the first six positions. The last five brands on the list have less than 1% share and thus, need to improve a lot before making some change. The drop in numbers for some brands helped others gain momentum in the market.

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Brand-Wise Car Sales Report

Sales Figures (March 2019)

  1. Maruti: 1,45,031 units
  2. Hyundai: 44,350 units
  3. Mahindra: 25,982 units
  4. Tata Motors: 17,810 units
  5. Honda: 17,202 units
  6. Toyota: 12,818 units
  7. Ford: 8,271 units
  8. Renault: 7,127 units
  9. Volkswagen: 2,751 units
  10. Datsun: 1,925 units
  11. Jeep: 1,441 units
  12. Skoda: 1,401 units
  13. Nissan: 977 units
  14. Fiat: 80 units

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Latest Brand-Wise Car Sales Report (March 2019)
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