Indian Government Planning to Increase Car & Bike Registration Charges

The Indian Government is taking multiple decisions to discourage the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles hence yet another step of raising the charges for the registration of such vehicles has been proposed. The Road and Transport Ministry has proposed a draft notification to revise the registration charges and one can witness a huge difference in the current and proposed RTO charges.

The customers may have to empty their pockets as registering a new two-wheeler will cost INR 1000, which has been increased from INR 50 whereas renewing the same will cost about INR 2000. The registration fee for new petrol or diesel car is now INR 5000 which was earlier INR 600 and renewal of the same will cost you INR 15,000.

The same sort of hike will be faced for the registration of light commercial vehicles as the RTO charges have been proposed to be increased from INR 1000 to INR 10,000. The renewal charges for the same will be INR 20,000.

Increase in Car & Bike Registration Charges
Image Source: Times of India

The hike in registration charges has been proposed by the Government so that the sales of electric vehicles can be promoted in the Indian market. The revised rates have been proposed by the Road and Transport Ministry in a draft to be implemented on maximum categories of vehicles that run on conventional fuels.

An official reported that the feedback of all the stakeholders has already been taken before notifying the final fee structure in coming 40-45 days. It is interesting to note that people who plan to scrap out their old pollutant vehicles will be exempted of the fee. Their high renewal charges are basically an attempt to inspire the user to scrap the vehicle that is more than 15 years old.

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The ministry has also increased the fee of a manual and automated car fitness test and also the owner of a more than the 15-year-old vehicle will pay a fine of INR 50 for each day if he fails to get a fresh fitness certificate for the car. The fitness testing agencies will have to also check that public transports possess disabled-friendly features like seats, walkers, etc.


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