Car Sales Report (August 2017): Brand-Wise Sales Figures

August 2017 saw a majority of brands gaining sales from the same month last year. For some, the spike was merely sharp while others experienced a considerable boost in the overall sales number. Number one spot was maintained by Maruti Suzuki with a much bigger difference this time. After selling 1,51,270 units in August this year, the brand saw 26.2% growth from same month last year.

Almost 32,000 cars were sold more this month, helping Maruti claim an even bigger number than all manufacturers combined in this list. Second slot was again retained by Hyundai, moving out 47,103 units in August 2017 and registering 9% YoY growth. Mahindra stood third in August with 17,609 units moving out of their dealerships, gaining just 2.9% of sales from same month last year.

Honda followed close and sold 17,365 units. The number shows healthy growth as only 13,941 units were sold in August 2016. Tata Motors stood fifth with 14,340 units. The growth was considerably good at 10.3%. These first five brands were all in positive spikes while next five saw a decline of up to 26.1%. Sixth position was bagged by Toyota with 12,017 units while Renault came seventh with 9,585 units.

Ford stood eighth with 7,777 units and lost more than 700 units from its sales number last year. Nissan was ninth at 4,781 units while Volkswagen followed close with 4,159 units for the tenth position. When crossing the ten top selling brands, one would assume that other falling lower would have miserable numbers on their side but the story here is totally different. Fiat saw 247% growth through the introduction of Jeep in India.

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They sold 2,259 units in August 2017, making things much interesting from 651 units. Skoda experienced 45% rise in sales with 1,756 units. Mercedes-Benz was the highest selling luxury brand with 850 units while Audi followed close by 754 units in August 2017. BMW was good for 500 units of sale while Volvo and Porsche experienced 113 units and 21 units respectively in the same month.

Data Source: AutoPunditz

Car Sales Report (August 2017): Brand-Wise Sales Figures
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