Chevrolet’s India Exit – All You Need to Know

Update: June 12, 2017 | Chevrolet Dealers Move to Court for Unfair Compensation

Chevrolet India’s decision to move out of India seems to go against the dealers around the country. 70 of its dealers are planning to take legal action against the brand as they are finding it difficult to liquidate the stock and get all the benefits of the scheme. General Motors is offering around 30 percent of discount on all the cars. The conditions to meet up the losses are quite tough for the dealers in real world.

The wholesale target should be half completed in order to get 50 percent of the compensation till June 20. The dealers that complete the target by 10 July will get complete compensation. Even after offering such heavy discounts, Chevrolet dealers are experiencing difficulties in selling their products in the country. Dealers currently have 1800-1900 units in dealerships while Chevrolet also has 800 other units in stock.

Original Post: May 18,2017 | Chevrolet’s India Exit – All You Need to Know

General Motors recently announced officially that they are exiting India and will stop the sales of Chevrolet cars in India by 31st December, 2017. The production in India will continue only for the export markets from this date while they will focus more on clearing the existing stocks with the dealers.


Cruze was the most-popular model by Chevrolet in India

Why is Chevrolet Exiting India?

Chevrolet’s presence in India tracks back to those old days when the market was not that developed and still, the brand was unable to make an exclusive space for itself in India. For once, the sales of its Tavera MPV and Cruze hinted at a nice growth but the same could not be retained for a long time.

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Chevrolet’s operational value for the year 2015-16 is said to be worth INR 249 Crore in India while the losses that came that year was even more than four times the same (INR 1110 Crore). They currently have a market share of just 1.34 percent. The presence of Maruti and Hyundai has always created a barrier for Chevrolet’s sale while the recent success tasted by Renault KWID has pushed them back with a bigger blow.

This forced them to reconsider their strategies and hence, all the products that were planned for the year have been cancelled and the brand has decided to say Goodbye to the ever-growing Indian automobile market.

What is the Current Production Status?

The production of left hand drive units for import will still continue at the company’s Halol facility. Chevrolet ended the production of Tavera on 28 April 2017 while Cruze was halted even before the same timeline.

The second plant located in Talegaon has ceased the production of Beat in the same time frame. Chevrolet won’t be investing in India for now while the Halol plant has been sold to its Chinese partner SAIC.


Are Chevrolet Showrooms Operational?

Yes, Chevrolet will continue selling its cars in India till the stock lasts and they have asked all the dealers to clear the stock as soon as possible. The official date to wind up the sales operations in India is 31st December, 2017. The sales operations in India will slowly come to an end to facilitate the dealers and its customer base while SAIC will continue with the available equipment.

Will I Get Proper Service & What About Spare Parts Availability?

According to GM: “Chevrolet India is committed to maintain a service network across key locations with staff trained to take care of all the needs of your Chevrolet for repair and maintenance. We will continue supporting Chevrolet customers with service and spare parts and honoring warranties.

To Whom Should I Contact in Case of Any Queries?

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According to GM: “Our customer care center continues to provide 24/7 support for any customers who might have questions pertaining to this announcement or related to their vehicle and service needs. Please click on the ENTER YOUR CONTACT INFO button on the left to give us your contact information and we will call you back to answer your questions. You can also call 1-800-3000-8080 or email us at [email protected]” 

What About My Car’s Warranty? Will it Get Void?

According to GM: “Chevrolet India is committed to maintain a service network across key locations with staff trained to take care of all the needs of your Chevrolet for repair and maintenance. We will continue supporting Chevrolet customers with service and spare parts and honouring warranties.”

What is the Future of General Motors in India?

According to GM: “We are focusing on exports from our Talegaon manufacturing hub and the global work at the GM Technical Center-India (GMTC-I) in Bengaluru continues.”


It’s Official: Chevrolet Will Exit Indian Market by End 2017

Key Highlights:

  • GM will stop selling Chevrolet cars in India on 31st December, 2017
  • Chevrolet will continue providing after sales service to its customers in India
  • Spare parts will be available to the Chevrolet customers
  • GM says will honor all after sales agreements of customers

This is what Chevrolet has to say about their move to exit India:

“As the industry continues to change, we are transforming our business establishing GM as a more focused and disciplined company,” said Mary Barra, GM chairman and CEO. “In India, our exports have tripled over the past year, and this will remain our focus going forward,” said Stefan Jacoby, executive vice president and president, GM International.

Exports will remain our focus going forward as we continue to leverage India’s strong supply base. We recently launched the new Chevrolet Beat hatchback for export to Mexico and Central and South American markets and will launch the Chevrolet Beat sedan later this year for those markets. We will support our affected customers, employees, dealers and suppliers. Chevrolet owners can be assured that we will continue to honor all warranties and provide comprehensive after-sales support.

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The official website of Chevrolet India is now showing this message:

Dear Customer,

General Motors recently announced the decision to withdraw Chevrolet from the domestic car market in India at the end of this calendar year. The sale of Chevrolet vehicles will end on 31 December 2017.

Chevrolet India is committed to maintain a service network across key locations in India with staff trained to take care of all the needs of your Chevrolet for maintenance and repair. We will continue to honour your original Chevrolet vehicle warranty as well as supporting you through Chevrolet’s Roadside Assistance. We will continue to provide spare parts for your Chevrolet to support maintenance and repair of your vehicle. For any questions regarding support for your Chevrolet, please contact your nearest Chevrolet Service Centre or our Customer Assistance Team at 1-800-3000-8080 or email [email protected]

Chevrolet’s India Exit – All You Need to Know
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