Delhi Govt Allows EV Retrofitting in Diesel Cars Older Than 10 Years

To bypass NGT (National Green Tribunal’s) ban, Delhi’s Kejriwal government gifted the citizens with an opportunity to convert their old diesel cars to EVs. The government has started the process of listing the names of Electric Retrofit Kit manufacturing companies. Owing to this step of government’s, Delhi citizens can now be able to make their vehicles get converted to EVs. Delhi’s Transportation Department recently issued a notice regarding this.

As a result, all 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old petrol cars are banned and can only be driven on public roads if converted to EVs.This middle ground has made the citizens bring their cars back to the roads. According to the facts and figures provided, the total count of 10-year-old cars in the city is in lakhs. The process of converting a diesel-engined car to an electric engine starts by removing the diesel engine from the car and replacing it with an electric motor, a high-voltage warning circuit, and an important control unit for the EV system. 

Apart from that, technicians have to fit high and low voltage circuits and configure the control and power transmission units. The significant factor in the fitment is to establish the electronics back into the car. Whenever the car companies convert a fuel car to an electric vehicle, they replace all the old mechanical parts. 

This process can take a minimum of seven days to complete, and its estimated cost ranges from four to six lakh rupees. The government has asked citizens to put fuel stickers on their vehicles, particularly four-wheeled ones, to spot the fuel type of their cars. Recently, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot issued a notice passed by the Supreme Court, stating that all vehicles registered in Delhi must have chromium-based hologram stickers.

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