Droom Presents India’s 1st Pre-Owned Automotive Awards

The used automobile market in India is growing at a fast pace. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the used vehicle segment started to build trust and satisfaction among the customers. However, earlier the sale and purchase of used vehicles took place in an unplanned manner. Gradual growth laid the emergence of organized players that revamped this segment. The pre-owned vehicles are sold using a variety of channels.

This includes the independent car dealers, rental car companies, leasing offices, auctions, private party sales and the online marketplaces. Some car retailer offers certified used cars, extended service assurance or warranties to attract the customers. The used automotive market has experienced an uptrend that indicates the sales have multiplied with the rise in demand. Reason being improved quality, good maintenance and unlimited offerings from top brands in the used automotive segment.

Droom’s Pre-Owned Auto Awards

You must have heard about various award and facilitation for new vehicles. With the intent to celebrate the growth, success and satisfaction of the used automobiles in India over the last year, Droom presents the Pre-Owned Auto Awards with a grand ceremony. The event is scheduled for 11th December 2018 in New Delhi. This is India’s first and only awards in the used vehicle segment.

The idea is to relish the people, stakeholder, brand, concept and quality that is enduring the used vehicle, year on year. Each of the award category and the nomination have been drafted after detailed discussion by the experienced market researcher at Droom.

Pre-Owned Automotive Awards
Droom Presents India’s 1st Pre-Owned Automotive Awards

Award Categories

Droom Pre-Owned Auto Awards are categorized into four categories namely, the Buyer’s choice, Dealer’s choice, Jury’s choice and Best of Droom. These awards are category specific and the nomination is based on the market statics captured for the automotive fragment. The buyer’s choice and dealer’s choice awards will be decided based on the online voting. The buyer’s choice awards, a buyer can cast a vote in each of the sub-categories.

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For, the dealer’s choice only, the dealer’s registered at Droom can share their response via voting. The voting lines are active from 1st to 7th December 2018. Best of Droom awards will be decided on the cost of ownership, depreciation value, sale, and rating received from the buyers. Furthermore, the Jury’s choice awards are awarded to the automotive tested on different parameters at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, on 28th November 2018. The pre-owned automobiles include cars, bikes, scooters and more that will be rewarded for their performance.

Droom Pre-Owned Auto Awards 2018 will provide a new description and acquaintance to the used automotive segment. Also, will help the aspiring buyer to make a smart choice of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle matching your requirements and budget.

Droom Presents India’s 1st Pre-Owned Automotive Awards
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