Ford Mustang scores only 2 stars in Euro NCAP crash safety tests

The Ford Mustang has received a very dismal rating of 2 star for safety parameters at Euro NCAP crash tests. Also, the Ford Mustang has become the very first car from such a mainstream manufacturer to receive a poor crash test rating since 2008. The current Mustang is the sixth generation model, being the first ever to be sold in the European markets. Fortunately or unfortunately this was the muscle car’s first ever appearance at NCAP crash test.


Ford Mustang Scores Only 2 Stars in Euro NCAP Crash Safety Tests

According the experts, Mustang’s low score is a result of its autonomous energy braking (AEB) system. Also after the crash test, it was revealed that the front airbags of the car did not produce sufficient inflation to produce an impact so as to protect the driver’s head and the body. The dummy driver in the crash test contacted the steering wheel and also making airbags touch the dashboard.

Crash Test Video of Ford Mustang


The full width digit barrier test made the rear seat passengers slip under the belt. Such kind of phenomenon can lead to knee, femur and pelvis injuries. The Mustang scored only 72% on the adult occupancy. The car also scored very badly on the child safety test with a 10 year old prototype dummy hitting the c-pillar. The child safety was rated as least adequate.


Other numbers include the mustang scoring 64% on the child safety test and just 16% on the safety assist parameters. Also keeping up with the situation, Ford Motors gave an assurance to the NCAP that the company will come with an updated model of the car later in the European Markets. Ford also said that the new mustang will come up with per-collision assist features including pedestrian detection, a forward collision warning system and autonomous emergency braking (AEB). Also it can be seen as the need of the hour for a company like ford to not loose its market due to bad publicity it has earned by bad safety ratings.


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