Global NCAP Officially Shares Details About Car Testing and Bills Payment

Nowadays, car safety awareness is growing rapidly among Indian car lovers. Even until recently, it was not a matter for the people in the country and the cars didn’t have airbags. But with the passing times, they are becoming mindful of automobile safety and the reason behind this consciousness is Global NCAP. Crash tests and subsequent ratings by Global NCAP have helped to raise awareness. Buyers have a greater understanding of the importance of automobile safety thanks to video proof of accident testing and assessment of safety factors. 

When it comes to the working procedure of GNCAP, there must be some questions in your mind. Some users, for instance, have inquired as to whether NCAP is selective in its approach to conducting crash testing. To increase openness, Global NCAP has published the whole process of how automobiles are acquired for testing under the Voluntary Test Procedure. Global NCAP selects the vehicle to avoid any sort of manipulation on the side of the OEM. If the automobile is already on the market, it is sourced anonymously from any dealership.

Moreover, if the car is produced but not launched yet, they choose it randomly from any plant. This decision is made in such a way that no unique series of automobiles are manufactured. To ensure fairness, the crash test is conducted in the presence of a company representative. Crash testing is followed by a thorough technical assessment. Following that, reports are created and shared with the manufacturer. The manufacturer is then invited to a meeting with Global NCAP to review the findings of the crash testing. 

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The reports are then made available through Global NCAP’s communication channels. Cars are clearly wrecked during accident testing. And there are certainly many units used for testing, like frontal impact, side impact, and so on. The cost of crash test equipment, which includes both hardware and software, is an additional expense. Global NCAP delivers the invoice to the manufacturer after the crash testing is completed. The invoice details all of the costs associated with conducting the crash testing. These are then repaid by the manufacturer. However, it is not mentioned who makes the payment when it is not voluntary.