Honda Jazz Becomes One Of The Ten Safest Cars In India

The Honda Jazz has obtained a place in the country’s top 10 safest cars list by achieving a significant 4-star safety rating. The hatchback received 13.89 out of a possible 17 points for adult safety and 31.54 out of 49 points for child occupant safety. The Jazz was evaluated with the most basic safety features, including two frontal airbags, a seatbelt reminder and ABS.

Interestingly, the driver’s chest provided adequate protection, while the passenger’s chest provided good protection. The knees of the driver and passenger provided only marginal protection since they may have collided with harmful structures behind the dashboard supported by the Tranfascia tube.

The body shell and footwell areas were certified as stable and capable of withstanding additional loadings. The tibias of the driver provided adequate protection, whereas the tibias of the passenger provided adequate and good protection.

The child seat for the three-year-old was placed rearward facing using the adult belt and provided minimal head protection, poor chest protection, and good neck protection. The 1.5-year-old child seat was mounted RWF with the adult belt, providing good head protection but just minimal chest protection.