Modified Honda Civic with Scissor Doors & Transformers Autobot Logo

Honda Civic was the first love of car enthusiasts who looked for sedan specific elegance and sportscar derived feel. The car was naturally more proportionate than most sedans, offering most comfortable seating for five passengers and a sharp front end for its time. This typical Honda Civic was modified to achieve the sporty look of a supercar, adding bits that are specific to Honda’s own performance division.

The Grey paint job on this Civic help the additions become more visible than ever, which, in fact, can go unnoticed in a loud shade. The front end is totally new with fenders taking a majority of space away from the bonnet and bumper seemingly louder than all others. The redesigned area gets wider air intakes with hexagonal grill, black chin splitter, and redesigned headlamps.

The side profile features decent skirting, wider than ever wheels and scissor doors inspired by Lamborghini. The first look can create an illusion of a heavily modified Nissan GT-R from this Honda Civic. The Honda moniker is replaced with an Autobot logo on the front bumper. The rear end comes with dual bumper studded exhaust outlets, LED tail lights and a supercar-inspired center section.

The black roof, fender based air intakes and lowlife moniker makes this Civic a really special one for India. Honda is officially expected to launch the 2019 Civic in India in the coming months. Although this segment is not that sale specific, most of the brands have one product to show dominance to others in the country. Honda Civic is powered by a 1798cc, four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 132 bhp of maximum power. The present generation car will be offered with a diesel engine, rivaling the Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Octavia and Toyota Corolla in India. It is yet to be seen which engine Honda prefers for this segment.

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Modified Honda Civic with Scissor Doors & Transformers Autobot Logo
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