Hyderabad Man Creates Coronavirus Car to Spread Awareness

Hyderabad Man Creates Coronavirus Car to Spread Awareness: Coronavirus pandemic has annihilated every operation across the world while the only way to curb the disease being a nationwide lockdown. Since the positive COVID-19 cases seem to increase with every single day, the nationwide lockdown that was only meant till April 14 has been indefinitely extended by the government.

The only way to decrease the footfall and ensure social distancing was to implement a lockdown across every state but some citizens are still not aware of the dangers of contracting the virus and take the lockdown rather lightly.

In order to spread awareness among the people, the owner of the Sudha Cars Museum, Mr Sudhakar Yadav from Hydebarabd has recently created a coronavirus car. The car has been designed with the shape of the COVID-19 virus and painted in green colour with black dots over it. The single-seater car has been specifically designed to spread awareness of the pandemic across the city and to ensure the citizens understand the dangers of overruling the lockdown.

The six-wheeler designed by Sudhakar is made up of flexible fibre plastic and was completed in just 10 days. The car has been equipped with a 100cc motorcycle engine which has a 40 kilometres range.

Coronavirus Car Video

It is one of the most thoughtful initiatives taken by an Indian citizen to let his fellow citizens understand the dangerous impact of the coronavirus. Sudhakar further plans to donate his vehicle to the Hyderabad Police while also promises on creating one or two similar cars if the authorities ask for more.

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Apart from the Coronavirus-shaped car, Sudhakar Yadav has been able to set a Guinness Book World Record of creating the largest tricycle in the world, which is 37-feet long. He has also developed multiple other vehicles and helmets to spread awareness on multiple modern-day issues.

The Sudha Cars Museum is a house of such cars that have been specifically developed for an awareness or entertainment purpose by Sudhakar. The museum is located near Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad.

Video Source: The Telegraph

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