Hyundai to Reportedly Launch Genesis Luxury SUV in India

As per a recent report by ACI, Hyundai is planning to launch its luxury brand Genesis in India. The brand came into existence in 2017 after Hyundai decided to change the name of its Genesis sedan as G80, the former name was thus offered to the whole new luxury division range.

If the reports are true, the brand is highly likely to introduce Genesis in India after considering its scope in the market. An SUV will be the launch vehicle for the new brand in India. Presently, the international portfolio includes three sedan models namely G70, G80, and the top-end G90.

The global Genesis lineup is all set to expand with the addition of two new SUVs, the higher-spec model GV80 will be based on the G80 sedan while the smaller SUV will be named as GV70, that will be based on the next-generation Hyundai Tucson.

The Genesis line-up will be most suitable for the Hyundai to launch in India in order to give the Indian audience a peek into the brand’s future. Initially launching an SUV for the launch of their luxury brand in India makes sense for Hyundai considering their wider popularity and need in the Indian market.

According to the reports, the Genesis line-up will be brought to India via CKD route in order to avoid the extra import taxes on the fully imported products. It is by far the best option for the brand if it wants to set up a steady foothold in India with its luxury brand Genesis, just like it did with the Kona Electric.

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As of now, it is not clear whether the brand will be launching Genesis in India with the GV80 SUV or the GV70. Hyundai is all set to launch the GV80 in the international markets sometime in the year 2020 followed by the launch of GV70. The SUVs are likely to launch in India in the year 2021.

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