Jeep Installs India’s Largest Billboard Ad on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Billboard is an excellent way to advertise cars in India but, this one stands as a unique piece of art in front of others due to its size. The typical Jeep Compass billboard is 30 times bigger than a standard advertisement.

Installed on Mumbai-Pune highway, the billboard reads Jeep Compass and also, brings a bigger than life Red finished car next to it. A 25,000 sq ft canvas handles this huge advertisement, making it India’s largest outdoor installation site. The team worked on 50 designs and, it took them 3 weeks to finalize the one you see here on the billboard.

India's Largest Billboard Ad
Jeep Installs India’s Largest Billboard Ad for Compass SUV on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

As each alphabet was bigger than the size of a human being, a team of 70 people was gathered to assemble and fix these things on the canvas. Another fact from the location was the use of 80,000 kg of metal in the manufacturing of this model, which could have helped them built 50 examples of Compass itself.

After taking three weeks to finalize the design, it took them six weeks to manufacture and place all the elements in the right way. The huge size makes it readable from a long distance and not just from the front, but drivers can even see the same through their rear view mirrors.

Billboard Installation Video

Billboard Size: 253 Feet Wide and 100 Feet Tall

Jeep India is not letting any obstacle exist in the way of Compass. The car stands as the highest selling product of this segment, leaving behind almost every sedan in terms of sales number. The strongest rival is XUV500 while Hyundai Creta shows no hints of slowing down with the presence of Jeep Compass.

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The car is powered by both petrol and diesel engine options, with buyers preferring diesel over the other one due to more torque and option of an all-wheel drive-train. The 4×4 model is currently available with just a manual gearbox on offer.

Jeep Installs India’s Largest Billboard Ad on Mumbai-Pune Expressway
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