Jeep Compass Scores 5-Star Safety Rating in Euro NCAP Crash Test

Jeep Compass recently scored five star safety rating in Euro NCAP crash test. The model here on test was left hand drive, top spec Compass that was not actually made in India but carries the same frame and components as the Indian spec car. Additions on that tested model were eight airbags instead of six (Indian Model) and autonomous braking for added protection at moderate speeds.

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Jeep Compass scored 90 percent for adult safety and 83 percent score for child safety. However, pedestrian safety rating was 64 percent. Jeep claims that Compass comes with the same sort of rigidity for all markets. The report generated after this test confirmed that passenger compartment remained intact and helped the dummies escape any serious harm. Minimum amount of impact was seen on places like chest and knees of rear passengers.

However, a full blown side impact from side hit can cause damage to ribs of passengers in exceptional cases. Jeep India has received more than 10,00 bookings for the popular premium SUV, further expecting a boost in sales in first week of September. However, the problem with rise in cess of 10 percent on SUVs and luxury cars can cause long term effects on Jeep brand. Compass is powered by two exceptionally well performing engines in India. Fiat sourced 2.0L diesel motor is good for 173PS at 3750 rpm and 350Nm at 1750-2500 rpm.

The engine is presently on offer with just a 6-speed manual gearbox. Jeep’s powerful 1.4L petrol motor is turbocharged, making it good for 162 PS and 250 Nm of power and torque respectively. It can be bought with one manual and one automatic gearbox option. The range presently starts from INR 14.95 lakh while goes up to INR 20.65 lakh for 4×4 diesel variant. Prices may go up next week with higher cess on cars of this segment.

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