Jeep Unveils 7 New Concept SUVs for 2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari

7 New Jeep Concept SUVs Revealed: Jeep recently showcased a number of concepts based on its 2018 SUVs. Apart from them, some exclusive designs were also seen through official images of these mouth watering concepts. They are planning to showcase all these off-road specific concepts at Easter Safari Meet in Moab, US.

Jeep Concept SUV SandStorm

Design Chief Mark Allen and his team are responsible for those Wrangler based concepts while others will use Mopar aftermarket parts for their special character. Jeep Sandstorm is a Baja desert race inspired product with 6.4L Hemi V8 engine and 457.2mm of max wheel travel. It comes fitted with 39 inch sand grip tyres.

Jeep B-UTE Concept

Jeep B-UTE is based on Renegade and carries additional equipment for better rock climbing. Jeep J-Wagon is powered by 3.6L V6 engine that makes it the most mild available concept among all others. Jeep Wagoneer looks simple but carries a 5.7L, Hemi crate engine that is generally found on full sized RAM trucks.

Jeep Nacho Concept

Jeep Nacho is based on two door Wrangler and offers 37 inch wheels, Fox off-road shocks and 50mm lift kit for tough surfaces. All parts on this combination can be bought for $14,000 through Jeep and Mopar stores. Jeepster is another amazing concept that seems inspired from 1966 Jeepster in terms of design.

Jeep Concept SUV 4-Speed

Spare tyre is adjusted on the inside while rear is now used to hang important accessories. Wrangler 4Speed is 431 kg less heavier than standard car. This makes it good for speed as it comes without any internal equipment. Also, engine used here is just 2.0L with hybrid technology.

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All these concepts will see daylight in coming weeks and soon, buyers could get their hands on their favorite one by getting them a donor vehicle. Jeep Sandstorm was the most insane product out of all while Nacho can serve good for mild levels of off-road activity.

Jeep Wagoneer
Jeep J-Wagon
Jeepster Concept

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