Jeep Fires Employees for Beating Customer at a Dealership in Delhi

Jeep Fires Employees for Beating Customer at a Dealership in Delhi: Jeep India is one among the top gainers of India in the car segment. They posted positive sales every month with a successful Jeep Compass in the Indian lineup. The recent brawl by Jeep Delhi staff was recorded on a phone by the customer’s friend.

Jeep India has suspended the showroom staff as action was demanded by everyone from a long time. The statements given by various authorities clear the actual scene that was witnessed by both the sides. The behavior was unacceptable inside the showroom and Jeep India condemns the act of violence by Delhi staff in all ways.

Landmark Jeep South delhi showroom CEO & Staff beats a customer who had bought Jeep Compass…

Posted by Niraj Upadhyay on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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November 30, 2017 – Jeep India Dealership, Landmark Delhi’s Statement

It is unfortunate that a video is being circulated on social media relating to an incident that took place in our Delhi branch of Jeep showroom. The video neither portrays nor provides the complete picture of the happenings.

The incident had resulted as a consequence of unacceptable behavior of the customer with some of the female staff in our organisation. This incident took place two months back i.e. on September 29, 2017 where the customer, during his discussion with our officials at Landmark showroom in Delhi, used extremely abusive language and also threatened the staff including the female front-desk manager.

Our officials tried to calm down the customer but the customer became even more aggressive and further continued using foul language in front of our ladies staff. As a prudent measure in such a scenario, our staff had immediately dialed 100 number and informed the situation to the Police Department. Thereafter, the police had come to our showroom to address the matter.

Along with the customer, four Landmark officials visited the police station, where the matter was amicably settled and closed post apology from the customer. Having said this, We have already taken measures to address the non-acceptable behavior displayed by Landmark officials and we do not tolerate such incidence being against our customers and the brands we represent. We strongly condemn any acts of such nature.

Jeep Fires Employees
Jeep Fires Employees for Beating Customer at a Dealership in Delhi

December 11, 2017 – Jeep India Dealership, Landmark Delhi’s Statement

We refer to our statement that we had put up on our web-site on the 30th day of November, 2017 with regards to the video that displayed unacceptable behavior by the Landmark staff inside the Showroom.

We completed our investigation and have terminated the services of the individuals who were seen breaching the Code of Conduct with our esteemed Customer. Our customers are of paramount importance to us and we strongly condemn any act of such nature, whatever be the cause of provocation.

Such behavior is not acceptable to our organization. We stand for quality of customer service and it’s our endeavor to continue being committed to our customers in any situation. The unfortunate incident that took place due to members of our staff was unacceptable and against the policies and principles we stand for.

Jeep Fires Employees
Jeep Fires Employees for Beating Customer at a Dealership in Delhi

December 11, 2017 – FCA Jeep India Statement

The unfortunate incident at our Delhi dealership has been thoroughly investigated with our Dealer Partner, Landmark Group and they have already taken disciplinary action against the offenders. We value our customers and are committed to treating every customer with utmost respect and courtesy, without exception. FCA’s ethos has not and will never subscribe to, encourage or tolerate such offensive treatment to customers.”
Please use this statement in its entirety.

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