Kia Carens MPV Disappoints; Achieves 3-Star Safety Rating

In the most recent round of crash tests conducted by the Global New Car Assessment Programme, the Kia Carens received a disappointing 3-star rating for both adult and child occupant protection (GNCAP). According to GNCAP, the Carens were tested to the most basic safety specification. This implies the vehicle tested has six airbags, ESC, seatbelt pre-tensioners, ABS, all-wheel disc brakes, a brake assist system, and TPMS.

In adult occupant protection, the Carens received 9.30 points out of a potential 17. According to Global NCAP, the Carens’ structure and footwell area were both ‘unstable’ on impact, and the body shell was not capable of ‘withstanding additional loadings.’ Both adult crash test dummies had good head and neck protection but rated driver chest protection mediocre. Because of the potential impact with ‘hazardous structures behind the dashboard,’ front occupant knee protection was also limited.

The Kia Carens received 30.99 out of 49 points for kid occupant protection. Carens has ISOFIX mounting points, as well as well-marked child restraint systems. The car provided minimal protection to a three-year-old dummy in a forward-facing child seat, while they rated it suitable for a 1.5-year-old dummy in rear-facing child seats.

Because the tested model included two side body and head protection airbags, the Carens were also put through a side impact test, which it passed. Global NCAP Secretary General Alejandro Furas stated, “We expected a better performance from this model. It remains a cause for concern that global car brands such as Kia, which normally achieve 5-star ratings in other markets, are still not reaching this level in India.”

Starting next month, GNCAP will implement a more advanced testing process. Cars must pass side-impact testing and feature ESC as standard equipment in order to receive a 5-star safety certification. The vehicles must comply with pedestrian protection measures mandated by the United Nations. The new standards also say that even if a car has several stars, if the dummy reading reveals inadequate protection for a key body area, the automobile will receive only one star, regardless of the total points earned.

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