BS6 Mahindra Petrol Engine Lineup Officially Revealed

The BS6 Mahindra petrol engine lineup was revealed recently by India’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer. The brand retails a couple of options for both personal as well as commercial vehicles, with petrol being their weak point as Indian buyers are more interested in diesel UVs by the brand.

The 625cc engine used on commercial products like Jeeto will be available in two states of tune and both will be more powerful than the older version. The Jeeto variants will bring 20.7 HP / 44 Nm and 23.2 HP / 48 Nm for the buyers while 1197cc engine from the XUV300 will witness a fall of 10 Nm of torque.

The power output stays good at 110 HP. Mahindra already estimated that 25 examples of petrol XUV300 are sold out of 100 units and rest are diesel-powered. The brand will also create a direct injection variant of the petrol engine, producing 130 HP and 230 Nm for placement in their new midsize product.

BS6 Mahindra Petrol Engine
BS6 Mahindra Petrol Engine Lineup Officially Revealed

The petrol turbocharged engines are refined and powerful enough to compensate for the diesel-specific torque value gap. The brand will make the 1.5L, four-cylinder engine as their flagship petrol motor with 163 HP and 280 Nm.

The engine will feature in flagship products and could replace the 2.2L option that is currently employed in the XUV500. The BS6 options will bring lower than ever NVH levels inside the car, further improving the ride quality and engine response with the update.

The officials confirmed that the price hike for existing petrol engines will stay under INR 20,000 (approx) as they have already used the best-in-class components to deliver optimum fuel efficiency and refinement. A new engine that goes by the name ‘Future’ is also confirmed for the upcoming Mahindra products in the coming months.

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BS6 Mahindra Petrol Engine Lineup Officially Revealed
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