Meet Mahindra Bolero 6×6 with an LCD Television & All-Black Interior

Modified Mahindra Bolero 6×6 by SD Offroaders: Bolero is one of the most recognised UVs in India that has managed to keep its position intact in the market from decades. The ruggedness of this vehicle is still able to attract a lot of buyers daily. Though already offering superior capabilities in its stock condition, the powerful UV has been modified by several modifiers ever since its launch. One such extraordinary modification we came across has been put up by a YouTube channel by the name SD Offroaders, Nakodar.

Inspired by the Mercedes 6×6 G Wagon, the modified Mahindra Bolero 6×6 features three axles though there hasn’t been any confirmation whether the third axle is powered or not. The rear body of the modified Bolero has been elongated and features a ‘6 Wheel Drive’ sticker.

The front grille has been redesigned and the utility vehicle also features a redesigned steel bumper at the front. The customizers have equipped the front grille with a Jeep logo which is quite bizarre. The headlight housing has been redesigned while the rear of the MPV has been equipped with LED taillights. There is also a hinge mount for the spare tyre at the rear.

The customizers have offered an all-black treatment to the interior of the Mahindra Bolero 6×6, which adds on to its overall unique appeal. SD Offroaders has installed a partition between the middle row and the front row of seats to offer privacy to the rear passengers. The partition wall also features a large LCD television screen for the entertainment purpose.

The inside rear-view mirror now supports a tablet-like device that offers the rearview for additional comfort and safety. The driver cabin has also been installed with an infotainment system while the diamond-stitching upholstery can be seen inside the MPV. Bolero 6×6 by SD Offroaders is definitely one of the best-modified Boleros we have ever seen.

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For pricing details and further inquiries on Mahindra Bolero 6×6, you can contact:

SD Offroaders

  • Location: Nakodar, Jalandhar, India
  • Phone Number: +91 92167 24790
  • Email: [email protected]

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Mahindra Bolero Terminator
Meet Mahindra Bolero Terminator by GREEN ARMY Motorsports
Meet Mahindra Bolero 6×6 with an LCD Television & All-Black Interior
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