Mahindra E2O Plus launched in India at INR 5.46 lakh

Mahindra has launched the four door E2O Plus in India at INR 5.46 lakh. The price comes after the application of government incentives and benefits. Coming up as a more practical option over the standard E2O with 2 doors, this extended version carries more safe, more technology and lots of savings with itself. The top spec variant however costs INR 8.46 lakh, making it fall in the premium hatchback segment of the Indian market.


Mahindra E2O Plus launched in India at INR 5.46 lakh

The car is offered in 4 variants – P2, P4, P6 and P8. The front grill has been perfectly redesigned to achieve that typical Mahindra face while other thing that matters the most is its extended C-Pillar for that extra door. E2O Plus has a new taillight design while a rear spoiler makes the back section look sportier than ever. The car is fully loaded with features like touchscreen infotainment, navigation and even climate control.


E2O Plus measures 3590 mm in length, 1575 mm in width and 1585 mm in height. The car carries a wheelbase of 2258 mm while its clean ground clearance is 170 mm. The interiors are now premium while the boot space is just 135 liters. It weighs 939-991 kg, depending upon the selection from all the 4 available variants. It rides on 165/60-R14 wheels.


Mahindra offers 2 charging solutions to the car, with the second one being quite useless for most middle class people. First is a 3kw single phase 16 Amp charger which takes 6 hours on P2, P4 and P6 variants while 9 hours on P8 variant. The second is 10kw 3-phase 32 Amp charger which can bring 95 percent charge in just 75 minutes and 90 minutes respectively. The first 3 variants claim 80 kmph of top speed while the top variant provides 85 kmph.

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The range on the P2, P4 and P6 stays 110 km while the P8 deliver 140 km of range with 10 km revive option. It takes just 9.5 seconds for 0-60 kmph while the lower 3 grades take 14.1 seconds for the same. The 3-phase AC Induction motor is good for 19 kw @ 3500 rpm and 70 Nm @ 1050 rpm on the P2, P4 and P6 while the same produces 30 kw @ 3500 rpm and 91 Nm @ 2500 rpm. The fast charger for the car costs INR 6 lakh, making it more expensive than the car itself.


Complete Specifications of Mahindra E2o Plus: