Mahindra XUV500 Owner Converts His SUV Into XUV700

Saurabh.kmph and Nashik Exotics are transforming an XUV500 into an XUV700. Earlier, we’ve seen the Tata Aria, the XUV500’s main rival, converted to Hexa, which was a much easier job.

The process of converting an XUV500 to an XUV700 is time-consuming. This is because the XUV500 and XUV700 are two different vehicles. When the XUV700 was conceived, every square inch of the XUV500’s body was altered.

When we compare the XUV500 and XUV700, we can see that the basic silhouettes, and all the lines and shapes, are different on the XUV700. This makes the job much more difficult because the panel lines and bumper lines will not match. In jobs like this, the modder’s skill is crucial because he must repair the panels so that they align and look cohesive.

Mahindra XUV500 Owner Converts His SUV Into XUV700
Mahindra XUV500 Owner Converts His SUV Into XUV700

Because there are no OEM replacement parts, mod jobs like this are more difficult to maintain. All the wrangling that this modder went through when making this for the first time has to be repeated. Every time there is a minor accident or a change of body parts is required.

This Nashik-based modder used Mahindra OEM parts to convert this XUV500 to an XUV700. This appears to be genuine and, when viewed from the front, may be mistaken for the real thing by untrained eyes. Both the XUV500 and XUV700 have the same width of 1890 mm, which aids in the layout of the bumper and headlights.

Mahindra XUV700 is a well-known SUV in India due to its advanced tech features. The XUV700 has an insane waiting period, which is why people turn to hack jobs like this or making yourself appear to be an XUV700 owner for a low cost.

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